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MOD Volleyball

A Modern Approach to Volleyball

MOD Volleyball Club offers unparalleled volleyball training for boys and girls ages K-18 with programs based in north suburban Chicago. The club was formed in 2020 as the result of a merger between Wildcat Jrs. and Division1 Volleyball Club, two long standing organizations based out of the northern suburbs of Chicago. MOD is fully committed to providing youth athletes with the highest level of training and leadership to help them reach their full athletic potential.

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MOD has deep roots in the Chicago volleyball community and has seen tremendous growth and success due to their commitment to providing a meaningful and memorable club experience while facilitating elite level volleyball training.

JVA United

The JVA offers Club Directors, Club Coaches and Junior Volleyball Educators a way to connect with all the tools needed to build and maintain a successful junior volleyball club, tournament and program.

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