Youth Program

Begin Your Volleyball Journey

MOD’s Youth Programming focuses on introducing the fundamental skills & concepts of volleyball through progressive tiers of training, providing new athletes with the foundation they need in order to excel at the middle and high school levels of the sport. Each tier is designed to prepare your athlete for the ins and outs of club volleyball, all while developing important teamwork and communication skills relative to their age group.

At this time, the following tiers are available within our Youth Program:

  • MOD Minis (K-4th Grade) | Designed for kids that are new to the sport, MOD Minis serves as our base level of physical training and athlete education. Participants will explore each of the core skills, learn the rules of the game, and focus on developing the strength, coordination, and communication skills required for cohesive team play. Typical session length is 1-2 months.
  • Coed Team Training (3rd & 4th Grade) | Built for those that have worked through the basics but are not quite ready for the rigors of a complete club season, you can think of this program as “level two” of MOD’s introductory training. Practice time will be split between technical training and competitive play, providing a high repetition, fast-paced learning environment for our athletes to further hone their skills. Typical session length is 1-2 months. Note: Athletes must complete at least series of MOD Minis training before they are eligible to advance!
  • 11/12U Club Season | The entry level for our rostered programs, the 11/12U club calendar is split into two unique season options: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Athletes are fielded through a tryout process, and placed onto teams following a secondary evaluation period during our opening practices. Includes two practices per week, tournaments on weekends throughout the season, and a uniform package. Typical season length is 2-4 months.

Below you will find registration links for all of our current options. Each of these programs are designed and led by Eunice An, our Director of Youth Programming. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our youth offerings, please feel free to contact her at