Spring Clinics

Supplemental Training Programs

Throughout the year we hold extra opportunities for our athletes to improve outside of their standard training routine, and our camp/clinic offerings play a major role in providing the education and insight we cannot always fit into a two hour practice! All-Skills Sessions, Positional Training, College Recruiting Seminars, Workshops with NCAA Coaches, and Guest Speaker Presentations are just a few of the staples that we host on a yearly basis. These sessions are open to any and all entrants limited only by age,  gender, and/or program inventory.  For more insight on our current offerings, check below for additional details!

Note: We have multiple facilities in use for our respective supplemental programs, so be sure to double check that you have the correct location noted!

Spring Sessions

Girls Team In Training Clinic, Apr-May Tuesdays at TPAC | Click To Register
  • Train the way our teams do! Open to girls between 5th-8th grade, this clinic series mirrors MOD’s club training curriculum. From individual skill work to team-based drills and scenarios, each practice is designed around providing a balanced training experience.
Girls Gameplay Clinic, Apr-May Wednesdays at TPACClick To Register
  • Lace up and lock in! Open to girls between 5th-8th grade, this clinic series jumps right into competitive play. While development remains a core focus of this session, athletes are challenged to make corrections and adapt “on the fly” as we simulate various drills and match scenarios.
Girls Skills Clinic, Apr-May Fridays at NSSCClick To Register
  • Time to get technical! Open to girls between 5th-8th grade, this clinic series tackles everything there is to know about the fundamentals. Whether you are just looking to stay sharp or have some corrections you want to make to your form, these high repetition sessions help to build the quality and consistency needed to secure your spot on the court.

Youth Program

MOD Minis (K-4th), Coed Team Training (3rd/4th), 11/12U Spring Season | Click To Learn More & Sign Up
  • MOD’s youth programming encompasses all of our training for athletes ages 12 and under. These sessions serves as a crash course on the fundamentals of volleyball, acclimating new players with the primary skills and concepts relevant to their age group. Click the link above to head to our Youth Program’s home page and learn more about each of our available offerings!

Programs On Deck

Looking further ahead, know that we plan to launch additional training camps and clinics that will run throughout late spring and early summer. Much like the programs you see outlined above, a majority of these sessions will cater primarily to our 14 & under athletes, but know that our summer camp and clinic series will provide a range of options for all ages. Here’s a quick glance at what you can expect from our next round of supplemental programs!

  • Team in Training Clinic | Mirrors our Girls Program’s practice curriculum, focusing on team-based drills and scenarios.
  • Gameplay Clinic | Lace up and get right after it! These sessions are designed around fast-paced play and game-like scenarios.
  • All-Skills Clinic | As the name implies, this offering hammers home individual reps across each of the essential skills.
  • MOD Minis | Our introductory training continues, building on the skills and concepts tackled throughout our first fall and winter sessions.
  • Small Group Training | Setters & Attackers, 1st Contact, Serving & Attacking are common examples of what we’ve offered in the past
  • Elite MOD-Only Training | Intended for currently rostered athletes, supplements our existing training schedule.