Michael Glauberman

Michael Glauberman

January 9, 2023

What to Call Me: Mike/Coach Mike

Who am I: Growing up I played tennis, baseball, and golf. I played Varsity Golf for my high school and was fortunate enough to be selected to qualify and play for the Maccabi USA Golf Team which competed against teams from 20 different countries. As I developed I continued to focus quite a bit of my time and effort into sport both recreationally and professionally. I attended The Ohio State University to study Professional Golf Management while playing Club Golf for the university, which provided me with opportunities to work alongside Ohio State as well as amateur athletes in the area. After undergrad I worked professionally in the golf business for seven years in Florida, Chicago, Ohio, and San Francisco, which allowed me to coach, teach and communicate with people with unique and diverse backgrounds. I am excited to continue to build upon that experience in my role as a mental performance consultant.

Why I’m Here: Sport for me has always been a metaphor for life. The lessons learned, the experiences had, and the effort required to succeed in the games we love can all parallel our overall development in life. Sport has taught me lessons of teamwork, communication, perseverance, work ethic and more. Sport helped me learn the importance of emotional regulation management. It taught me that mistakes are bound to happen, and it is how we respond and learn from those mistakes that help us grow and become more successful. I am currently in my last year of a three-year graduate studies program, studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Sport and Human Performance at Adler University here in Chicago. My purpose here is to take my education from my program and my experiences as an athlete to help facilitate growth and development for all athletes in this program.

Best Way to Reach Me: mglauberman@adler.edu for personal inquiries, Modmentalperformance@gmail.com for program inquiries.