Rob Samp

Rob Samp

January 9, 2023

What to Call Me: Rob

Who I am: I grew up playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. Alongside sport, I was highly active in the school Orchestra, chamber and show-choirs. In High School, after a bad experience playing AAU Basketball, I tried volleyball out and instantly fell in love. I juggled orchestra, choir, and volleyball throughout High School and ultimately picked volleyball as the priority. I played in College at IPFW as a Middle Blocker for four years and wound up coaching within the sport for the next eight. Today, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in Substance Use and Sport and Human Performance. I look forward to teaching and educating, running fun activities, playing music, and finding new ways to take care of our athletes, staff, and self.

Why I’m Here: Sport for me has always been the training wheels attached to Life’s bicycle. I learned what hard work meant through being an athlete. I learned what purposeful effort meant. I learned to work with teammates, how to have discourse and hold teammates (and myself) accountable, how to win, lose, etc. Most of all, the lessons I can remember learning through sport have served me in my everyday life. My purpose here is to facilitate growth and development beyond the sport to help prepare our youth today for their future.

Best way to Reach Me: for personal inquiries, for program inquiries.